Sunday, March 30, 2008


I finally got back into the macaroon-making mood. But I decided to experiment with walnut meal instead of almond meal.

I left the egg whites sitting out overnight, just like you are supposed to, to let them dry out. It made quite a difference in how easy it was to beat them up into a foam. I think I may have gone a bit too far, though, and beat them a little too long.

I could tell that the batter was too thick, but I set decided to go right ahead anyway.

The raw cookies looked pretty good. When the batter is thick, it is easy to make nice rounds. I figured I was leaving too much space between them, since they are supposed to grow up, not out. But I suspected trouble, and I got it. They grew out into horrible, monstrous shapes:

They still taste good, but boy are they ugly. I can't in good conscience call them macaroons.

If they had come out right, I would have glued them together in pairs with some sort of banana paste. Maybe next time...

My Office

My Office
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This is me working in my "office". Got my big-screen HD TV, with my personal laptop displaying on it, and using remote desktop to see my work computer. Finally, I can work with my feet up!

Life sure is hard.