Friday, January 16, 2009

You Go Girl!

I just found out today that Bettye Lavette will be performing at the innauguration of Obama this weekend! And supposedly HBO will be unblocked on comcast for the show!

That should be a pretty good show all-around. I did notice that no American Idols were invited to perform. Do they have something against voting?

Anyway, I'm so happy for Bettye!

I went to her show at Yoshi's back in November, and I almost posted about it then. The 8pm show was almost full, but the 10pm show wasn't, so they let me sit through both shows! Which is great, because she didn't do my favorite, "Little Sparrow", until the second set.

She'll be singing "A Change is Gonna Come". I just know she's gonna tear it up!She's had lots of hard times through her long career, which is sad, but maybe that is what lets her get so much emotion into her songs. A great change has come to her career recently, so she should be able to really feel the song.

Another great performance, of a Who classic, is here.

The only thing more I can say is:
You Go Girl!

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