Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little night music

We now consider the curious Nocturne of Benjamin Button. I mean Benjamin Britten. I always get those confused! But so, apparently, does Susan Sarandon.

Here is my performance (mp3) of the Nocturne from Britten's Sonatina Romantica.

Britten apparently rejected this composition. But, it isn't so bad. It is odd in parts, and seems too load and fast for a Nocturne, but it sure looks pretty as a piano roll.


Anonymous said...


but that diagram makes me think you are programming a computer rather than playing a keyboard... :)

Ed said...

No. It isn't programmed. But it is saved digitally as MIDI and then re-converted to sounds.

If it were programmed, it would sound stiffer. (Yes, it is possible to sound stiffer than this.)