Friday, May 9, 2008


My orchid had a baby! And it is doing it the way God intended: asexually!

I've never been a particular fan of orchids. They have a reputation of being difficult to grow, and I've never found the flowers very interesting.

But I have a neighbor who works for a service that installs plants in peoples homes or offices. When she has an extra plant, I often end up with it. And that is how I got my Phalaenopsis.

The blooms were dying back by the time I got it, so I thought that would be it for blooms. But after a while it starting making this little bud. Then the bud grew a leaf. Then another leaf. Then the leaves grew a stalk. I was quite surprised. I never expected such a thing.

According to wikipedia, this thing is called a Keiki.

Now, several months later, the new stalk is blooming.

I guess orchids don't deserve their reputation as difficult plants, because I keep mine in the dark most of the time and don't water it much.

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