Friday, October 31, 2008

Shred, baby, Shred!

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I don't have a paper shredder at home, so I keep two separate piles of paper: one for recycling, and one to take to the office to get shredded. I often think, "What's the point?". The chances of anything happening are small and I can deal with it if it does.

On Wednesday I checked my bank account on line to see if there was any money left, and I found three very unexpected charges in the last 3 days. Once per day, someone has been using my card number to pay for a test of English as a foreign language, at $150 each!

This is odd for many reasons. Apparently someone knows enough English to hack into my computer and steal my card number, but not enough to pass a test. And if he failed the test on Monday, and failed it again on Tuesday, why would he think he'd pass it on Wednesday?

The lesson: you can never be paranoid enough!

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Daniel said...

That's scary. I recently read on the BBC's website about a virus that infects computers when you visit random websites. Well-organized hackers use it to gain access to bank accounts and credit cards numbers.

And yet they keep asking me to go paperless ...